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RANK 1 2 3
Clickto view Site Review Guy4Game Review Koala Credits Swagvault
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Price Comparison as of 04/28/12 | Server: Aedraxis & Akala | Price: 1000 Plat
Rift Gold US (per 1K Platinum) $33.82 $46.47 $45.01
Rift Gold EU (per 1k Platinum) $37.69 $48.31 $49.68
RATINGS (10 is the highest)
Price 9 8 8
Speed 9 8 8
Features 10 9 8
TOTAL 9.33 8.33 8
Rift Gold US yes yes yes
Rift Gold EU yes yes yes
Live Chat Support yes yes yes
E-Mail Support yes yes yes
Phone Support yes no yes
Order Tracking yes yes yes
Credit Card yes yes yes
Paypal yes yes yes
MoneyBookers yes no yes
Money Order yes no yes

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