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Price Comparison as of 04/28/12 | Server: Aedraxis & Akala | Price: 1000 Plat
Rift Gold US (per 1K Platinum) $33.82 $46.47 $45.01
Rift Gold EU (per 1k Platinum) $37.69 $48.31 $49.68
RATINGS (10 is the highest)
Price 9 8 8
Speed 9 8 8
Features 10 9 8
TOTAL 9.33 8.33 8
Rift Gold US yes yes yes
Rift Gold EU yes yes yes
Live Chat Support yes yes yes
E-Mail Support yes yes yes
Phone Support yes no yes
Order Tracking yes yes yes
Credit Card yes yes yes
Paypal yes yes yes
MoneyBookers yes no yes
Money Order yes no yes

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SwagVault Review

SwagVault Review - Is SwagVault a safe and cheap seller?. Is SwagVault a reliable company to buy from? Is SwagVault best place to buy rift gold? All answer here.
SwagVault Review
RIFT Gold Price as of 03/27/11CUSTOMER SERVICE
RIFT Gold US$6.85Live Chat SupportEpictoon Review
RIFT Gold EU$9.69Email SupportEpictoon Review
Price9Credit CardEpictoon Review
Speed7PaypalEpictoon Review
Features8Money BookersEpictoon Review

SwagVault was established in April 2004 in Washington, USA. The company started out by selling Diablo II items on eBay and known for selling wow gold and other games and no surprise that they are offering Rift Gold. 
Swagvault has a Star Reviews Favorite Feature: Membership Rewards-After you spend a certain amount of money, you'll receive discounts of up to 10% on all of your SwagVault purchases. What incentive to use their website! SwagVault Features:
  • Currency and/or accounts available for more than 25 games, including World of Warcraft and Silk Road
  • Powerleveling available for 19 games, including big titles and less well-known games such as Maple Story and Dungeon Runners

Guy4Game Review

Guy4Game Review - Is Guy4Game a safe and cheap seller?. Is Guy4Game a reliable company to buy from? Is Guy4Game best place to buy rift gold? All answer here.

guy4game Review
RIFT Gold USYesLive Chat SupportEpictoon Review
RIFT Gold EUYesEmail SupportEpictoon Review
Price9Credit CardEpictoon Review
Speed9PaypalEpictoon Review
Features10Money BookersEpictoon Review

Guy4game is always at my top 4 if you ask for top gold selling site. They remained as one of the good gold sellers back in wow and even at Rift. Guy4game is known for power leveling services and cheap gold prices and now only few who offer power leveling services.

Why buy rift gold at Guy4Game?
A established company and strong reputation. They were up for this business for long time and already gain customer trust like IGE. Even I read some issues on forums about them is they try to always make up with them and provide a better replacement.
Their customer service are good in English too. You can contact them via email, live chat and even calls. Like before its always easy to deal with them.

They always make sure they have the cheap price. That’s the reason why customers keep on coming back because of cheap price, discounts and bonus gold. 

Tons of services. Aside from selling rift gold and power leveling they sell other service like honor, reputation and arena points, PvP and PvE gear.

Reason why not pick Guy4Game?
Actually none! Coz their professionals, even if something happens to your account. They make sure to make it up to you and give more from what you asked and their generous in giving away DC and bonus.

Wrap it up for Guy4Game?
Guy4Game is considered as one of my top rift gold selling site that offers lots services. They offer good prices and generous in giving away bonuses for every rift gold you purchase and discount for your next orders.